Clients large and small rely on us for attracting and selecting specialized, top-tier candidates via our applied assessment and selection methodologies.

Our extensive experience and level of repeat business are testament to the value we offer. Clients value our commitment to long-term partnership and our unsurpassable quality of service.

Our selection procedures not only looks at an individual's professional expertise, but also their ability to adapt and interact interculturally.
In recruiting an expatriate, we recognize an individual's:

  • Genuine interest in other cultures
  • Ability to adapt to life in a new environment
  • Command of foreign language or willingness to learn
  • Family situation
  • Attitude - Purposeful but diplomatic and practical

AMROC Global would only take on a job order after completely understanding the position description and your company's culture, prior to finding the correct person to fill the job.

We look forward to assisting you with your needs.

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