CV Advice

When searching for employment it is critical to ensure your resume represents you to the best of your ability to maximise your potential. Your resume is the means by which you can market yourself to a prospective employer - To communicate your strengths and experience. The following are recommended guidelines that you may follow to assist you in your CV presentation.


The more detail the better! Never mind what they say about keeping your CV length to a page or two! In our experience we prefer a longer, detailed CV that conveys your interest, experience and responsibilities in each role that you had worked in to date. Emphasise and expand upon your past 10 years work responsibilities, and perhaps summarise your earlier career if you want to keep your CV relatively brief.
Our clients are only too happy to read through CV's in detail.

Personal Details

Make sure you provide all your contact details, including alternate numbers and emails.


Most recent and most relevant first. If you have completed any relevant industry/training courses, or have any memberships/associations, include these also.

Career History

Ensure that you establish briefly what project/work each employer was involved in and your specific role/responsibilities, etc.

Employment History

  • Name of employer. Include information on the company by describing its structure and industry, including location. Make reference to the department that you worked in.
  • Position Title
  • PDuration of employment. List the month and year that you commenced/ceased employment.
  • Responsibilities. Cover the duties and purpose of your specific position as well as who you reported to or who reported to you. A snapshot of your achievements is an appropriate means of illustrating how you can add value to an organisation.


Show extracurricular activities to provide a snapshot of your "life outside the workplace".


Include a list of three referees (ideally two professional and one personal). Include their name, position, telephone number and indicate what your association is. Inform your referees so that they may be expecting a call. Including your current employer as a referee is not a good idea if they don't know you are leaving! It is also acceptable to state "references are available on request".

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